• Ham holder Classic


    The most seling ham holder from high quality stainless steel and marble.

    Easy to use, easy to clean and thanks to its marble base very stabile. Even for boneless hams.

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  • HAM HOLDER "Elegance"

    Very elegant, very practical and very stylish ham holder for presenting and slicing ham, jamon, prosciutto, etc...

    High qulity product made out of stainless steel and marble or granite...

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  • HAM HOLDER "DeLuxe"

    Unique ham holder with specialy designed granite base. Limited edition, 10 pieces produced only 4 available.

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How to slice a Ham - Jamon - Prociutto - Prsut

Remove the rind. It's important to remove only that part of the rind that is strictly necessary, to enable better preservation of the product. Derinding is then continued every time you start slicing again. Secure the jamon on the holder, keeping the previously derinded part upwards.

Start slicing, always using both hands, one to grip the thinbladed knife and the other to hold the fork. The slicing motion must progress from right to left with a light sawing motion which involves the entire length of the knife blade, without pressing too hard.

Then cut the slics until you reach the femoral bone, occasionally removing the rind. Upon reaching the bone, turn the jamon (prosciutto, prsut) over, remove rind, secure the ham in the holder again and continue slicing from this side.