Coat Racks - ASTON design

  • Coat Rack "Goya" !

    Origanl and practical coat rack made out of high class stainless steel. This coat rack is durable and looks rate for a lifetime.

    Mesures: High 180cm, Lengh 60cm, Width 35cm.

    Price: on inquiry

  • Coat Rack "Chagall" !

    Simple but different. This coat rack impresses vith its simplicity and high quality.

    Comletely made form hig clas stainless steel. Mesure: High 180cm, Width: 40cm.

    Price on inquiry

  • Coat Rack "Rubens" !

    Very stylish, lives an good impression in every space.

    100% Stainless steel. Mesures: High 188cm, Width: 36cm.

    Price on inquiry